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Letters from Kabwe

Click here to see our archive of insightful observations made by our resident volunteer in Kabwe. These letters give potential visitors a taste of what it means to work with ZamdaIreland, Noting the challenges and successes faced each week by our organization through the eyes of Mr.Padraig Ó Fainín. Take a look to see whats happening this week in Sables.


Upcoming Events

All of our volunteers are always running different and novel ways to raise funds, please visit the link below to view or latest fundraising event.



Obviously all our hopes and plans are based on our having sufficient funds to carry them through. The best and perhaps easiest way for you to help is by signing up for our Direct Debit Scheme or even giving a once off donation . We are always grateful to accept donations, private or corporate for any amount. Remember that we are a registered charity and that may carry certain tax benefits for the donors. Click here to learn more.



Our thanks to Madam Oona, who joined us in Kabwe in 2016, and her friends in Cork, (the Real Capital!), for starting a wonderful fundraiser for Sables Nua – The […]

Sables Nua to the Fore in Fight Against Covid-19.

In a major new initiative by Honourable Sydney Mushanga M.P., Minister for Central Province, the authorities are trying to empty the streets of street children to keep them safe against […]

Kabwe Chamber of Commerce Supporting Sables Nua.

We were delighted to welcome a delegation from the Kabwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry who called to Sables Nua to see how our new residents were getting on and […]

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