Sables ‘Closed’ Judo Tournament

Sables 'Closed' Judo Tournament - a great day's Judo in Sables Nua thanks to the loan of mats from Central Police: a tournament organised, run, refereed and judged by our judokas themselves; a wonderful learning experience.

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New Toys!

Armed and Dangerous! Gun battle breaks out in Sables! All kids love playing soldiers but when you don't have any toy guns it could be a problem. Not in Sables, however, where necessity is the mother of invention. With weapons fashioned from branches, twigs and paper - let the games begin!!

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Wednesdays and Fridays are Choir Time!

Having released their first album just in time for the Christmas market our wonderful Sables Nua Choir, under the baton of Madam Martha is working away on another selection of songs. With Ba Patrick providing drumming accompaniment, every Wednesday and Friday afternoon the high insaka is the venue for some serious singing. Watch this space

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International Women’s Day 2017

The annual Women's day prade was as big, as bright and as jovial as ever this morning. The Women of Kabwe- and a few token men, dressed in their new finery , abandoned thier kitchens and took to the streets in their thousands for a parade and rally, Women's day is a public holiday in

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Happy surprise ! We had a very happy surprise when Madam Lisa Lynch dropped in to catch up on all in Sables. Madam Lisa left us a year ago but always said she would return- and she has! Welcome back Madam

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Sables Nua Production overdrive!!!

Our new season of icimpondwa is now available - the finest peanut butter you have ever tasted! We have also just harvested our sunflowers so very shortly our very own Sables Nua sunflower oil will be bottled !

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