Livingstone Success!

Well done to coaches and judokas on a great day on the mats in Livingstone. Our little Judo Club took on the 'Big Guns' and managed to walk away with two gold and eight silver medals and we even felt we should have had a few more too! Early to bed now - long road

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Sables Nua Judo Club On Tour!

Our judokas left Kabwe at 04.00 on Friday on the long trip to Livingstone for the Livingstone National Judo league fixture. Even an early morning puncture did nothing to dampen the spirits and the judokas arrived in Livingstone in plenty of time for a visit to Mosi-U-Tunya. Even at its driest the Falls are spectacular.

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Busy Day in Sables!!!

Busy Day in Sables Pupils tested - and all negative - and staff vaccinated. While all that was going on our pre-schoolers discovered the joys of an old-fashioned sack race and then our Secondary School pupils were presented with a Bible each. Busy day indeed!

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Back At Last!

After many months of Covid restrictions our dojo re-opened today and our judokas, beginners and veterans, were able to take to the mats at last. Not only that but during the closedown we added changing rooms, toilets and showers to the dojo. Let the training begin in earnest now!

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School’s Back!

Covid restrictions have been relaxed - again- and our school has re-opened. Let's hope we can stay open this time. Welcome back girls and boys.

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