Cat and Gene’s Table Quiz

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March 23, 2017 @ 8:00 am
The Teachers' Club
36 Parnell Square W
Dublin 1
€40 per table of 4

Hi all,

ZAMDA is a registered charity (Charity No. CHY16728). We are dedicated to providing direct and effective aid to a number of projects in and around the city of Kabwe in Zambia. Our main priority is supporting “Sables”, a centre for Kabwe’s street children.

We will be joining a group of volunteers and will be teaching, assisting with building, providing sports and recreational activities whilst working shoulder to shoulder with the host community, responding to their guidance. We have covered our own costs( travel, accommodation and subsistence!)  ourselves but hope to raise funds which we guarantee will go directly to projects currently underway in Zambia. We hope you can donate to this worthy cause.