You can forget about Homer and Sophocles and the likes, we have a new Greek poet in our midst! Madam Kathryn Kantounia after her recent visit has put pen to paper and produced the following:

Easter 2017

To Zambia we travelled to do a good deed,
Making a difference by helping those in need.

Our bags packed full of clothes, shoes and toys,
Dresses for the girls and jerseys for the boys

In Sables Nua we were welcomed with a ceremony of traditional song and dance,
Greeted by the teachers who are giving the kids an educational chance.

Travelling out to Kangomba on that rocky road,
To help Mr O’Brien’s team with their heavy load.

Mornings digging sand and mixing cement,
Playing with the kids was a day well spent.

Nights around the table eating chocolate and drinking tea,
Listening to Mr Pat share each shelter boy’s story.

Home visits, parent teacher meetings and sports days,
Connecting with all the children in different ways.

We’ll cherish the memories made with the boys from the shelter,
Zamda, we shall be back next year for yet another belter.