Sables Nua

What is Sables Nua?

Sables Nua is a school, a drop-in centre, a playground, a place of education, fun, happiness for some of the most vulnerable children in Kabwe; it offers food, clothing, medical care, emergency overnight accommodation, counseling, education, sports and other activities, vocational training for over three hundred O.V.C.s (Orphaned and Vulnerable Children). It is a refuge from the dangers and deprivations of life on the streets and in the compounds.

The Children At Sables Nua

Many of the children in Sables Nua come from the streets of Kabwe and Lusaka. Other orphaned children come to Sables Nua from the compounds (slums) of Makalulu and Katongo sent usually by their grandparents who cannot provide food or clothing or education for them. Sables Nua offers them hope and a chance of a better life.

We accept children without discrimination – all are welcome.

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