What We Do

What We Do

What is ZAMDA?

ZAMDA is a registered charity (Charity No. CHY16728). We are dedicated to providing direct and effective aid to a number of projects in and around the city of Kabwe in Zambia. Our main priority is supporting “Sables”, a centre for Kabwe’s street children.

What is SABLES?

Sables is a centre for the most vulnerable children in Kabwe; it offers food, clothing, medical care, emergency overnight accommodation, counseling, education and vocational training for over one hundred and fifty O.V.C.s (orphaned and vulnerable children).


Many of the children in Sables come from the streets of Kabwe and Lusaka; they have lost their parents to HIV / AIDS, been rejected by their families and forced onto the street to beg, steal or prostitute themselves in an effort to stay alive. Apart from the heartbreak, rejection and fear these vulnerable children they encounter cruelty and abuse on the streets. Other orphaned children come to Sables from the compounds (slums) of Makalulu and Katongo sent usually by their grandparents who cannot provide food or clothing or education for them.

In SABLES we provide the children with two meals a day with vitamin supplements, sports and recreation, clothing and a child-centred education which gives these children the basics and thereby an opportunity to progress into the regular school system . Our staff of Principal and three teachers, social worker and counsellor, cook, farmer and security guards provide a place of refuge, happiness and hope for some of the most marginalised children in the world.

Since our first involvement in 2004 our project has grown and grown. Working shoulder to shoulder with our host community, responding to their needs and guided and directed by them, our group has made a significant contribution to increasing the standard of living of our friends in Africa. To date our group had funded, worked with and been responsible for a number of projects.


To make this difference in the lives of these children we need your help.
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