Zamda Virtual Run 2021

As you can imagine during these difficult times fundraising efforts have taken a serious hit so with that in mind we are launching our first ever virtual fundraising event in the form of a virtual run! Simply sign up for 5KM, 10 KM or half marathon (21km) on our website for €20 using our paypal portal <ahref=”https:”” donate=”” “=””>
Once a donation of €20 (or more!) is made you will receive an email requesting your postage address for your medal upon completion and confirmation of which race you intend to do – 5km, 10km, half marathon- please allow  24hrs for confirmation . We operate on an honor system so its up to you to complete the run but please feel free to send us photos of your run for our social media. The event takes place from March 17th- March 21st. Any questions please feel free to contact us or contact Dave on 0858448342 (organizer of this event. Closing date for registration is March 17th, please adhere to covid guidelines when taking part in event</ahref=”https:>